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Introducing the Peppy Piano - the perfect companion for young beginners learning to play the piano! This colorful and engaging piano book is designed to make learning fun and accessible for children. Packed with easy-to-follow lessons, catchy tunes, and interactive activities, the Peppy Piano will keep young learners motivated and excited about their musical journey. With bright illustrations and simple instructions, this book is a great way to introduce children to the joy of playing the piano. Whether they're just starting out or looking to build on their skills, the Peppy Piano is a fantastic resource for childres, teachers and parents alike.

Peppy Piano

28,95 €Preço
  • This edition features even more relevant content, tailored to the early stages of piano learning. Each page is an opportunity for children to discover the wonderful world of music. The new edition offers meticulously crafted learning material that guides beginners on a journey from the first notes to confident performances. Essential techniques, finger exercises, and musical concepts are presented in an engaging and easily understandable way.

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