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In order to disseminate MJL Piano & Co. by music schools and conservatories, the workshop invites piano teachers, parents and students to collectively participate in a set of activities full of music, fun and energy! The Workshop will use some repertoire from the book Piano para Pequerruchos combined with other materials such as the Baralhuchos deck of cards. To conclude, a concert is proposed as a celebration of the Piano workshop for Pequerruchos.


To get a quote to hold the workshop, make your enrollment first.



The teacher or institution signs up and marks the desired date for the workshop on the agenda. The order is reviewed and pending confirmation. 


When the registration is accepted, the teacher or institution will receive a confirmation email with the budget and all the necessary details for the workshop.


A few weeks before the workshop, the teacher or institution will receive a set of pieces from the repertoire of the book Piano para Pequerruchos to distribute to the participating pianists. The teacher is responsible for working on this repertoire with the student until the date of the workshop. A high level of preparation is not necessary, just basic notation reading skills.


The workshop will have two activities:

  1. Masterclass with the author together with all participants and their teachers, using the previously given repertoire and the Baralhuchos.

  2. Final concert by participating pianists.

  3. Diplomas and gifts will be given to participants!

Parents and students who did not participate in the workshop are invited to attend the final concert. There will be physical points of sale for the materials used in the workshop.

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